Saturday, April 3, 2010


Things have really been coming together for our Neon Gold homeboy Wolf Gang since we first posted his outrageously beautiful new semi-single "Back To Back" last month. Pitchfork has jumped on the bandwagon and showered him with some recent Forkcast love, and now we've got an oven fresh remix from Los Angeles synth darling Active Child. We've been vibing on the recent Transparent signing since our dudes Jack and Sahil first turned us on to the wonderful ways of "When Your Love Is Safe", and he continues to impress on his remix of "Back To Back", bathing the original in an ocean of shimmering synths and the soulful electronic pop sounds he's come to be known for.

MP3: "Back To Back" (Active Child Remix) - Wolf Gang


CR said...

Good stuff!

Came across the acoustic performance yesterday

Amazingly talented guy!

Anonymous said...

omg! that acoustic performance is so unfassbar beautiful..
thank you so much, CR!