Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There's not much to say about the Holy Ghost! remix of former Neon Gold all-stars Monarchy that isn't immediately apparent once the beat drops and that unreal vocal from soul legend Karl Dixon transforms the original into a swirling and shimmering cosmic disco beast: This shit is HUGE. We've loved Holy Ghost! since their debut single "Hold On" first graced our ears - and the fact that they're frequent collaborators with our dude Penguin Prison certainly doesn't hurt their standing in our books - but this is easily the most impressive thing we're yet to hear from the DFA collective. Like no other remix this year, it transports the original to a whole new place, stepping out into brave new territory the original could only conceive of in its wildest dreams. Well played, Holy Ghost, well played.

MP3: "Love Get Out of My Way" (Holy Ghost! Remix ft. Dixon) - Monarchy

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Little Steve said...

still love your blog guys, but fallin' a bit behind with the tunes eh :) I'm assuming you're all busy with real lives though, so not to worry.
Keep up the good work ;)