Friday, July 9, 2010


Just over a year on from it's release last June, it's still hard to fathom exactly how brilliant Florence & The Machine's Lungs actually is. Sounding every bit as fresh and enchanting as it did upon it's release last summer, it's truly made it's mark on history as one of the finest female solo debuts of all the time. The album needs no further testament to its brilliance, but it really is amazing to consider songs as good as "Swimming" were relegated to mere B-side status. The track, off the deluxe re-release of the album, will likely be old news to her more devout followers, but it's just so completely amazing we had to serve it up a little love of our own. "Swimming" sounds like drowning and flying at the same time - a feeling we can pretty much relate to on a daily basis - and it's completely and utterly amazing.

MP3: "Swimming" - Florence & The Machine

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Michael from Berlin said...

Your song remind me of CLOUDBUSTING ... and thank you for supporting this great song which deserves every bit of attention.