Monday, July 19, 2010


Not gonna lie, we kind of slept on MNDR when she first hit the streets late last year, but recently we've been seriously making up for lost time with her debut offering E.P.E. in permanent rotation on the Neon Gold stereo. She's also been burning up our speakers via her feature on the new Mark Ronson single "Bang Bang Bang" (peep the brilliant Warren Fu-directed video for it above), which just debuted at #6 in the UK last week. So yeah, it's safe to say shit's kind of popping off for her right now, and if the buzz surrounding her first UK live shows last week is anything to go on, sounds like it's pretty damn well deserved. We'll have some exclusive new MNDR material coming at you in the next few weeks, but for now familiarize yourself with E.P.E. standout "Fade To Black" and brace yourself for MNDR's reign of buzz to continue dominating summer twentyten and beyond.

MP3: "Fade To Black" - MNDR

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Adrian said...

Love this tune though I got it a while back when the buzz was around her following SXSW - be great to hear what you've got coming.

Most of all I'm loving the regular posts though - keep it up - brightens up my life!