Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last month we pulled back the curtain on our favorite track of the year and quite possibly the biggest single we've ever released, so we're pleased to announce that the Young Blood 7" from The Naked & Famous is now available for preorder from the Neon Gold Shop and our friends at Puregroove. Like Passion Pit if they fucked with guitars and had an anthem-of-a-generation like "Kids" or "Sweet Disposition" in their arsenal, "Young Blood" is a breath of fresh air, a wistful celebration of the ephemeral pleasures of youth. Built around an amazing central riff of heavily-affected guitars, the song soars on the wings of singer Alisa Xayalith's urgent vocals, their breathless innocence juxtaposed sharply against the ominous rumble of the overdriven bass that lies beneath the song's surface.

Sporting beautiful cover art courtesy of our heroes over at Special Problems (who also directed the song's flawless video) and rounded out by an epic cover of fellow New Zealand rockers The Mint Chicks' "Crazy? Yes. Dumb? No.", the release is out September 6th and we couldn't be more excited. Remixes are also on the way from The Sound of Arrows (amazing), Pink Ganter (amazing), Chiddy Bang (AMAZING) and more. We posted the original with the amazing Special Problems-directed video last month, but here's the radio edit for the completionists among you or the ADHD set who just can't quite handle the immense gravity of that drawn-out middle eight.

MP3: "Young Blood" (Radio Edit) - The Naked & Famous [exclusive]


Paul said...

Ordered. Please package it with love!

John L said...

You've stumbled on something special once again.