Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Way back in late 2008, Bag Raiders changed our lives with their amazing "Shooting Stars", which remains to this day one of the most magical - and in our opinion most underrated - singles of the past few years. Now at long last their debut album is visible on the horizon, preceded by what their press release calls the official sequel to "Shooting Stars", the absolutely immense "Way Back Home". Featuring WIM's Martin Soloman on the vocal, the track utilizes the same formula that made "Shooting Stars" so special, it's brooding gloom-pop gradually giving way to anthemic majesty on the chorus before ultimately climaxing in an epic breakdown of tribal percussion in the song's final act. It's one of the best tracks we've heard in a long minute and has us beyond excited to experience the fruits of the Aussie duo's labor when their self-titled debut album drops October 1st on Modular.

MP3: "Way Back Home" - Bag Raiders

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aleks said...

still in love with 'shooting stars', totally agree that it should have been huge (maybe because it's not really chorus-verse-chorus), although it got a lot of love on the ('disco') blogs.

curious how the album turned out.