Thursday, September 23, 2010


We've been fully on board the Lissie wagon ever since we experienced her literally AMAZING duet with Ellie Goulding at this year's Great Escape festival (phenomenal footage of which is viewable above), and her debut album Catch A Tiger and its lead single "When I'm Alone" were two of our favorite surprises of the summer. Leo Zero must have felt similarly, so keen was he to remix "When I'm Alone" that he approached Sony to let him have a go at the track long after the single campaign had run its course. We're glad he did, though, as the results are nothing short of magnificent. Not unlike the brilliant remix of Florence & The Machine's "Rabbit Heart" that he turned in last summer, his rework of "When I'm Alone" is a sprawling epic, an anthemic leviathan looming large in the mix for 8+ minutes of balearic bliss. Leo Zero we salute you, the world needs more remixes like this.

MP3: "When I'm Alone" (Leo Zero Remix) - Lissie [exclusive]


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