Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Back in the game in full force now, we've got for you the first taste of our upcoming single with the dazzling Mr. Little Jeans, out next month on Neon Gold. A significant departure from the roaring guitars of debut single "Angel", "Rescue Song" is her most intimate track yet, all soft tones and wintry comforts as the Norwegian chanteuse draws the listener to safety with her gentle, honey-throated vocals. Not content to let listeners relax in the wistful breeze of the original, The Royal Palms arrive on the scene to rework the track into a slow-burning disco epic on what's quickly becoming one of our favorite remixes of the year. The opening stanza is all steady drums and triumphant synth builds that kind of make you feel invincible - like listening to hip-hop by yourself or that last shot of tequila - until they throw a serious curveball at you 3 minutes in when the track drops (literally drops) into a massive four to the floor club monster, flashing lights and howling synthesizers running wild across the mix.

MP3: "Rescue Song" (The Royal Palms Remix) - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]

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