Tuesday, October 19, 2010


UPDATE: Apparently the remix we posted last week was sent to us prematurely by Sony, and Vito wanted some more time to throw some studio magic at it. That said we were still very much all about it and it topped the Hype charts in spite of its work-in-progress status, but now the real deal finished product has hit our inbox and it's bigger and better than ever. To quote Vito himself: "I hope you guys can hear the difference because for me the difference is HUGE!". We feel you Vito, we feel you.

We've been loving the sights and sounds of Australia's Gypsy & The Cat since their brilliant "Jona Vark" first slipped onto our radar about a year ago, and it's with great expectations that we eagerly anticipate the release of their debut album in early 2011. First though, comes their new single "The Piper's Song", backed by a brilliant remix from a sonically rejuvenated Aeroplane.

Since parting ways with writing partner Stephen Fasano (now recording as The Magician) and going it solo under the Aeroplane moniker, Vito De Luca sounds like he's got a renewed lease on life and you can hear it in his work. Gone are the dark, brooding nite versions that defined the Belgian duo's vaunted early output, in its place a carefree jubilance that's a whole new look and feel for Aeroplane. Sounding more like Passion Pit than the Aeroplane of old, De Luca's "Piper's Song" remix is nothing but hands-in-the-air synth exuberance, trading the dramatic intensity of his early output with Fasano for a remix that's just fucking fun. Summer's back y'all, dive in.

MP3: "The Piper's Song" (Aeroplane Tape Remix) - Gypsy & The Cat [exclusive]


Anonymous said...

I love it. This track: uber. My life: 1000x better.

Anonymous said...

Love this remix. And this band.

Junkyard said...

amazing! even better than the first version. great duo + amazing producer = absolutely brilliant!