Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mr. Little Jeans was one of our most cherished additions to the Neon Gold roster in 2010, so it's with great pleasure that we announce her hotly-anticipated sophomore single on our little label this month. A significant departure from the roaring guitars of debut single "Angel", "Rescue Song" is her most intimate track yet, all soft tones and wintry comforts as the Norwegian chanteuse draws the listener to safety with her gentle, honey-throated vocals. It's been the definitive fan favorite from day one - an early version of the song soundtracked HP's Create Amazing ad campaign last year - and it's the perfect track to bundle up with by the fire as the winter months arrive and the first snowfall drifts silently by the window. On the flipside is "Valentine", another heartfelt slowburner that rides a percussive gallop through a thick fog of dreary industrial synths towards one of the strongest choruses of the young singer's career. The two tracks compliment each other brilliantly, coming together in perfect harmony as the quintessential double A-side single on what's yet another reason why Mr. Little Jeans should be all over your radar are as one of the most hotly-tipped artists for 2011.

MP3: "Rescue Song" - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]

And as if the single itself wasn't exciting enough, there's also a phenomenal remix package coming together around the release. We premiered the epic Royal Palms remix on the blog last month, and still to come are amazing reworks from The Naked & Famous and RAC, so be sure to watch this space. The whole affair is limited to 300 copies and is released on the 29th of November, complete with another round of perfect cover artwork from our beloved FRAU GRAU and available for preorder now from the Neon Gold Shop and Puregroove. Get some!


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Anonymous said...

I'm a little underwhelmed with the original after the phenomenal remix by Royal Palms but its stil a great song..

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Ryan said...

Congrats Mr. Little Jeans. We posted this track last December and are happy to see it get a release date. http://artistroster.com/currentemail/2009/issue12102009.html