Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Having gradually come up through the UK live circuit over the last few years and cut her teeth at London's legendary Communion club nights, Kyla La Grange looks primed to make the jump to the next level in 2011, with debut single "Walk Through Walls" set to become her introduction to the masses in early March. Aesthetically, she's not miles away from our own Mr. Little Jeans, her powerful, ethereal vocals taking center stage on the track over booming drums and rousing guitars. La Grange's voice swoops and soars over the mix, culminating in an uplifting call to arms of "get up! get up! get up!" in the chorus that's equal parts urgent and visceral, firmly establishing "Walls" as a bona fide anthem-in-waiting for the wistful indie set.

MP3: "Walk Through Walls" - Kyla La Grange


Senator Parthenon said...

I think I am in love with this girl

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Wilfried Jean said...

Nice one. Sounds like Cyndi Lauper on a Florence + the machine tune. :)