Thursday, March 10, 2011


Australian heavy hitters The Holidays are brought to you by the same team who discovered The Temper Trap, and now it's time to be forever indebted to them once more. In these gloomy winter times their unrelenting tropical vibes will have you kicking back on that imaginary beach in your mind in no time. Don't be alarmed if, when listening to their single "Moonlight Hours," you're fully transported to a real life psychedelic-pop version of "Under The Sea" - only instead of a Jamaican lobster on lead vox it's some melodic Aussie bros - although we think that crab jamming on those seashell bongos might still be in the mix there somewhere.

They've made a major splash in their homeland and now have their sights set on the US and beyond, as they make their way over to The America for SXSW and their debut stateside shows this week. If you're ready to get yr sunshine on then come down and see them at Public Assembly this Sunday, where they'll be pushing their wares - alongside Kyla La Grange, High Highs and many more - at a very special pre-SXSW Communion show we're helping out with. Plus, Neon Gold Beat Company will be killing it on the decks well until the moonlight hours and tickets are only $5, so you've really got no excuse not to come on down and dance all your fears away.

MP3: "Moonlight Hours" - The Holidays

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kookyknut said...

Saw these guys 2 weeks ago in Sydney... thanks for the hot tip.. I'm loving the album. x