Thursday, April 28, 2011


Having trouble expressing just how much you're loving this amazing spring weather? Worry not, as our favorite Prince-a-like Gordon Voidwell has teamed up with New York MC Iron Solomon on the perfect ode to springtime living with their new single "Spring Fever". The brilliance of this song is that it plays out a whole lot like the days we've been having. It starts out with a sunny blunted-out stroll around the city - bells chiming, dudes rhyming, big synths vibing... that sort of thing - before spiraling into a warped slow jam that feels like that perfect burnt out post-day-drunk-at-sunset moment we're all no doubt familiar with once the sun comes out and the mercury starts rising.

As sir Iron Solomon so aptly puts it "I'm talking about the first Thursday of spring", and guess what? SO ARE WE. May rears its beautiful head next week and we've got that first Thursday on lock, as Gordon Voidwell takes the stage at Popshop (alongside Futurecop, NewVillager and more) to help you usher in the fairest season with some serious dancefloor heat. Tickets available here and going fast, get involved.

MP3: "Spring Fever" (ft. Gordon Voidwell) - Iron Solomon


Nicky said...

This is awesome

yungvlad said...

If anybody is eager for this instrumental, it's called I Tried, off of "The Void Mixtape" by Gordon Voidwell