Monday, May 9, 2011


Just touched down in Londontown and it feels oh so good to be back, and what better way to celebrate than throwing down big style at our Notting Hill Arts Club showcase tonight? We come bearing future superstars as Walk The Moon make their UK debut on our Neon Gold stage tonight, but we're every bit as excited to see Newcastle three-piece Polarsets make their London debut in the main support slot. They first graced our radar late last year with their massive hooks and blissed-out electronic pop sound and have since rapidly become one of our absolute favorite new bands in the UK. It's a beautiful lineup, a beautiful day and with tickets at the low low price of only £6, you're not gonna want to miss this.

Back to Polarsets for a minute though, they're the stuff Neon Gold dreams are made of and just absolutely tick alllll the boxes - cowbells for days, layers upon layers of shimmering electronics, meaty bass lines, golden vocals (highly) reminiscent of Two Door's Alex Trimble... you do the math. Someone better sound the alarm because we're on a straight up party anthem high alert over here.

MP3: "Leave Argentina" - Polarsets

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