Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey, you there, get ready for your 80's new wave dreams to come true. No, not the John Cusack boombox fantasy again, this one comes in the form of Brooklyn's own Living Days. Imagine The Cars' Ric Ocasek fronting The Human League - a veritable 'who's who' of 80's heavy hitters - but with a a distinct 2011 twist and fronted by Stephonik Youth, arguably one of the most sonically unique ladies in the game. Living Days' "Go Oblivion!" plays like the 80's montage music to the greatest day ever, during which someone's probably learning to surf, dance, master karate, getting a "cool/popular" makeover or quite possibly all of the above. Just put this one on and see if you can physically restrain yourself from fist pumping (a la Judd Nelson/John Bender), especially when that "yeah! yeah! yeah!" breakdown drops at the bridge. 10 bucks says you can't.

MP3: "Go Oblivion!" - Living Days

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Unknown said...

I'm loving this; "Go Oblivion!" falls nicely into The Cure's strain of goth-pop.