Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Oh word, Popshop's tomorrow? And it's Cinco de Mayo? You're damn right it is. And now we're taking things one step further and throwing the official Plan B afterparty into the mix (updated flyer above), as if Popshop 005 (tickets HERE) wasn't already shaping up to be the best night of your life. Entry will be free after midnight, so anyone hitting up the Plan B show at Music Hall of Williamsburg should cruise on over to Tammany late night for Futurecop! live at 12 followed by The Knocks DJing from 1 until close. To prep yourself for the occasion, we've got the latest installment in the Popshop mini-documentary series from our friends at Jackpot In The West, chronicling Walk The Moon's tour de force performance at Popshop last month.

And as per usual, we've also got an exclusive new minimix from The Knocks as well, featuring a selection of tracks from the allstars of Popshop 005 (including an exclusive new track from The Knocks) among other fresh new jams. Soundcloud's been deading our uploads all day so we'll have to forgo the player this week and just hook it up with a direct download, but we think you'll survive somehow. And who knows, maybe there's a hint in the tracklisting as to who the top secret live guest will be? Just saying. Maybe. We don't know.

1. "Eskimo Boy" - Strange Talk
2. "Ivy League Circus" - Gordon Voidwell
3. "Houseboat Babies" - Reptar
4. "Rich Doors" - New Villager
5. "Wait and See" - Holy Ghost!
6. "It's The Same Old Song" (The Knocks Remix) - The Four Tops
7. "NASA" - Futurecop

MP3: POPSHOP RADIO 005 (Mixed by The Knocks)

Tickets for tomorrow night still available HERE but going fast, don't sleep!

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Mark said...

Futurecop! ftw.