Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We admit we slept on this one. But as usual Kitsuné - our bedfellows from across the Atlantic - were there to pick up the slack and we have them to thank for introducing us to the delicately crafted pop gems of Nightbox. The group of Irish transplants come to us via Toronto (where they picked up some slick production from Death From Above 1979's Al-P and Sebastien Grainger), and lucky for us they sound exactly like a five-piece from Ireland by way of Canada would. It’s like lucid dreaming at a Two Door Cinema Club meets Winter Gloves kind of costume party, and all of a sudden there’s a “no need for small talk” song that does away with any false pretenses and jumps headfirst into the great unknown with you. Then, just as the pre-chorus burns slowly towards the explosive bass-driven climax on the chorus, you're thrust back to reality and the dream is over. So wake up.

MP3: "Pyramids" - Nightbox

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Anonymous said...

This should be one of the best Summer bangers of the year! So good.