Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So last week our main man Xaphoon Jones promised a new beat to his fans when he hit 20,000 followers, and now that he's eclipsed that milestone he's come to us to help him deliver the goods with an exclusive premier of his remix for Grouplove's "Colours". This track's already been remixed into oblivion and beyond by the homies Captain Cuts, but here Xaph's intertwined elements of their empire-toppling mix with the stems of the original, thrown them into the Xaphoon Jones pop magic machine and come out the other side with a barnstorming floor-filler that comes off like like Grouplove wildin' out down in Jamaica with Gyptian and Nicki Minaj. And trust us, that is a GREAT thing.

Xaphoon tore the fucking roof off of Tammany Hall at Popshop last Thursday with a DJ set for the ages, and he's back for round two next Tuesday at the Beyond Gold launch party, which conveniently also features Grouplove headlining live and the NYC debut of Captain Cuts alongside Xaph on the decks in what we can only hope will develop into a Neon Gold House Mafia DJ supergroup scenario. Tickets are only $5 (and did we mention there's free beer and vodka from 7-8pm too?) and are still available HERE, so get involved before it's too late. Trust us when we say this event will sell out.

MP3: "Colours" (Xaphoon Jones Remix) - Grouplove [exclusive]

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