Friday, July 22, 2011


Under the watchful eyes of our friends at HeavyRoc Music, the well traveled mysterioso St. Lucia is shaping up to be one of those types physically incapable of producing anything less than extraordinary. We already waxed poetic on his brilliant debut single "This Old House Is Gone" when we premiered it last spring, but his latest offering, "All Eyes On You", establishes St. Lucia as a talent of a different class. The way he breathily spaces out his verses atop currents of resplendent synths is that of a pitch perfect poet and the enjambment of his free-flowing lyrics moves the track along like a slow burning fuse, gradually introducing a call-and-response bass groove, cascading keys, and a bare-chested sax solo (of course) that sounds like Dan Bejar getting weird in the studio with Washed Out. All done with the confidence of a debonair jetsetter, racking up frequent flyer miles left and right as he traverses countless genre boundaries in a little under five minutes.

MP3: "All Eyes On You" - St. Lucia


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Really nice melody! I've liked this track immediately.

Anonymous said...

could someone just post the lyrics?!