Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are pleased to announce our next release, featuring the Newcastle dance-pop trio, Polarsets. We've been holding off on a full-course Polarsets education until now, but rest assured, class is now in session. Already veterans of the Neon Gold stage after supporting Walk The Moon at our last London showcase earlier this year and each of their infectious Ibiza-channeling singles are further proof that they are masters of crafting hip-popping island vibes. The A-side, "Morning", serves as a wake-up call to all the conservative indie pop bands out there - from the first cowbell strike, the single moves like a flashdance assembly line that picks up tropical steam with each added high hat and steel drum. It's an idiosyncratic mix of Delorean and Two Door Cinema Club that pops you in the jaw with grand aplomb. Once it jumps back into the middle eighth and snaps back to reality, it's all about the bass drum thumps and massive vocal hooks because Polarsets are now officially the big fish in a small pond.

The flipside, "Sunset", plays like a musical anagram of "Morning". The trademark cowbells emerge unscathed and still intact even after Polarsets laid siege to the A-side. The intro to this redux is a welcome respite from their full-frontal onslaught of frantic drum kicks and serves as a seamless segue into a bouncy castle chord progression that gets along so well with Rob Howe's angelic pipes. The tension builds with multiple drums feeding off each other, working in conjunction towards achieving the final dream. The release feels like a full day spent watching stars burning out and being born anew, all the while sitting on top of the world adjacent to the one who matters most. It just feels right. Out August 8th and available now for preorder from the Neon Gold Shop and flaunting heart-stopping art direction from the never not brilliant FRAU GRAU, this is one "Morning" you won't want to sleep through.

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