Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Word on the street has it that there's a new mysterious pop duo in town by the name of Ms Mr, whose phenomenal Ghost City USA EP (get it for free at their Bandcamp here) has been causing stirrings amongst those in the know since they self-released it earlier this summer. On lead track "Bones", ominous piano chords storm in with a light upper register that suggests the tiniest glimmer of hope in an imminent descent into darkness. You fall for Miss Mystery's voice, with its strawberry blonde traces of Florence Welch and Kyla La Grange, and it teases you along, consciously leading you out of your comfort zone. The chorus wields big rolling drums and haunting echoes of the past, drifting through you until you burst through closed doors into an intimate middle eight that acts as the calm before the verse storms back and carries the song to its epic denouement. The tone sets a dangerously vivid backdrop for a Kubrickian thriller and even the production feels oddly cinematic. Yep, whoever this Brooklyn boy-girl duo are, they're clearly a force of nature to be reckoned with. Consider this the Irene we've all been waiting for.

MP3: "Bones" - Ms Mr

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