Thursday, November 10, 2011


Some 18 months ago, we wrote about an explosive new talent by the name of Yadi and her unspeakably massive debut offering, "Guillotine", a track already approaching the heights of La Roux and Marina even in demo form. A long winter and cruel summer of silence out of the Yadi camp has passed in the time since, but at long last she's back with her debut single proper, plunging into the desert cold with "Sahara Heart". Picking up where the epic choruses and primal beats of "Guillotine" left off, it's an immense comeback single that snarls with a visceral shock-and-awe ferocity to be reckoned with, firmly establishing her as the next great hope for empowered female pop in the UK. The Yadi ship is about to set sail in a big way, and you can consider us fully on board. Next stop: the stars.

MP3: "Sahara Heart" - Yadi

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