Monday, December 19, 2011


It's been a minute since we put out our first batch of Neon Gold TV videos from Reptar - sorry, we've been busy - but now we've got two more for y'all and some seriously great content lined up for the new year. This time around, ANR are in the hotseat, kindling the fire in our hearts with a live version of their "It's Around You" single we put out in August HERE.

But we've summoned you here today to talk about their stunning rendition of Kelis and Andre 3000's "Millionaire". In what is both a bold undertaking and a true homage, ANR strip down the money suit and put it in a tumble dryer, ruffling up the prim and proper original and giving it some character. As everything comes into focus, the hangover cure of a guitar-laden lead-in fills the room and MJ's reverb-drenched vocals are around you like a warm embrace. They cash in the reality check of a string section just as MJ starts spitting Dre's words of wisdom over Brian's winter-coated harmonies that beckons a voice-stretching, hard-hitting denouement. Catch the NGTV session above, and grab the breathtaking proper studio mp3 exclusively below.

MP3: "Millionaire" - ANR [exclusive]

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