Tuesday, December 6, 2011


New kids on the block Swiss Lips hail from Manchester and come off like the perfect midpoint between Polarsets and The Naked & Famous, young'uns with meticulously textured harmonies that immediately seize you by the ear with their striking immediacy and vitality. Lead single "U Got The Power" has been turning heads for a minute now (we hear Lily Allen is a fan), but it's the arguably even stronger "Grow" that's won us over, and we've got the exclusive mp3 premier here for you today.

Diving into the track headfirst, the urgent, hurried vocals of the verse serve to catalyze the sky-scraping chorus, a perfectly formed starburst of ebullience replete with exultant piano chords and snarling guitar licks that grind their teeth in anxious longing. The unfettered oohs are just as powerful as any whistle hook, the perfect soundtrack to crimes of passion and the headless recklessness of youth. And as the synth sirens go off in your head, the driving, lawless bassline picks you up, without hesitation, and lifts you to higher ground. This shit gives you wings.

MP3: "Grow" - Swiss Lips [exclusive]

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