Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We knew there was something special about Polarsets when we put out "Morning" back in the halcyon days of August. That now seems like forever ago in the harsh grips of winter, but the Newcastle trio waste no time taking us back to those simpler times here, injecting Mausi's everlasting summer anthem "Sol" with that full-frontal Friendly Fires-in-Ibiza vibe that they pull off so effortlessly. All we wanted was to thaw out a bit and just like that, they answered our prayers with this thorough remedy, a familiar mirage of the tropics underscored by Mausi's sunbeat vocals and Polarsets' trademark man-of-steel drums. It all adds up to the second release from our DC bros' All Things Go on their brand new vinyl imprint ATG Records (a blog starting a record label? unheard of!) and when the results are this good, you better believe this won't be the last time we get our family tree mixed up with theirs.

MP3: "Sol" (Polarsets Remix) - Mausi [exclusive]

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