Monday, May 14, 2012


It's been a long minute since we first brought Mr. Little Jeans into the world on Neon Gold, but now she's back in a blaze of glory with new single "Runaway" and a truly spectacular (trust us) full-length due out later this summer. Fool's Gold hook her up with a one-way ticket to dream city on this exclusive remix of "Runaway," where drums grow on palm trees, children are born with flowers in their hair, and Mr. Little Jeans shakes down to a grass skirt. It's all set against a backdrop of echoing memories and windsurfing instrumentals, as the ever-tropical splash shields the whiplash of unrequited love, leaving behind a trace of Tanlines and a taste of heaven. It's an insatiably refreshing remix that you'll want by your side the second vacation mode hits this summer.

MP3: "Runaway" (Fool's Gold Remix) - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]

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nice one!