Wednesday, June 20, 2012


And so the West Coast hit parade just keeps marching on, as the mysterious and amazing Ghost Loft hit the scene with "Seconds", an R&B chart-topper in another life coming back to haunt your dreams. With all the shadowy intrigue of The Weeknd's arrival last year and the Tumblr-noir aesthetics of Ms Mr,  "Seconds" opens with an XX-esque bass line that pulses through sliced up samples of straightforward sentiment. When the verses take over, the dreamlike vocals intertwine seamlessly with the instrumental, flitting effortlessly between soothing and soothsaying. Shouts to Ms Mr for shining a light on Ghost Loft via their brand new (and, uh, kind of amazing) mixtape, Track Addict Vol. 1, available for streaming or track-by-track download now.

MP3: "Seconds" - Ghost Loft

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