Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Our DC joint venture, All Things Gold, has been up and running like a charm, so we're very excited about our next one. This time, it's half American and half British for 100% pop glory. On the DJ front, we've got Gigamesh, master of all things summer, and London legends, Punks Jump Up, laying down the law. On the live front, we have UK princess of pop herself, Foxes, and Neon Gold alum Mr. Little Jeans providing all the lady love you'll ever need.

It's all going down tomorrow at U Street Music Hall from 9pm onwards, with tickets still available HERE. We've booked an entire Neon Gold bloc of live magic this week from Thursday to Saturday so if you can't make it to DC for the festivities, worry not. Mr. Little Jeans is opening for Alex Winston at Santos on Friday and Foxes will be playing our Popshop BK on Saturday. Come out, come out, wherever you are, your weekend just started.

STREAM: "Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)" - Grouplove

STREAM:"Mr. Overtime" - Punks Jump Up

STREAM: "Let Go For Tonight" - Foxes

STREAM: "The Suburbs" - Mr. Little Jeans

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