Monday, July 23, 2012


We’ve had boundless love for California this year, but it’s time to bring it back home for a hot second on our next release. Former west coasters now living in Brooklyn, the Morning Benders re-emerged earlier this year as the synth-fueled POP ETC, taking their already sun-blessed melodies to a whole new level of pop brilliance. At the center of the resurgence is "YoYo", one of our absolute favorite songs of 2012, and we're thrilled to be teaming up with Rough Trade to roll out the 7" on Neon Gold later this month. 

"YoYo" shines and stuns from the very first synth drop, like the ‘80s love child of Yes Giantess and Chromeo, complete with a spoken word bridge and some of the fiercest hooks we've ever heard this side of Top 40 radio. As it throttles from zero to ANTHEM in seconds flat, Chris Chu's future-tuned vocals float in on golden chords of nostalgia, and when the glittering chorus finally washes over you, it's clear that you've got a serious smash on your hands.

On the flip, mixtape highlight “Hungry Like The Wolf” provides the perfect counterpart to the breezy bliss of “YoYo” - all ravenous synths and skyscraping choruses - and together, they can brighten up literally any day of the year. The physical release drops next week just in time for their NYC live debut proper alongside HAIM at Popshop, but preorder is now available HERE, so get your order on and own a piece of the heat for yourself.

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