Thursday, November 15, 2012


We first introduced you to Los Angeles mystery men Night Terrors of 1927 back in September, but that was just a hint at the unbridled pop grandeur to come. Picking up where the promise of debut offering "Watch The World Go Dark" left off, follow up single "Dust and Bones" is a post-apocalyptic kumbaya of epic proportions that will possess and save you in the same breath. It's a beautifully orchestrated four and a half minutes of fatalistic bliss - all ageless harmonies and relentlessly uplifting guitar and piano chords - and when your time is up, you'll just want to live it all over again. Night Terrors continue their ascent to LA buzz band supremacy next month at Popshop West, supporting Pacific Air at The Echo on December 7th.

DOWNLOAD: "Dust and Bones" - Night Terrors of 1927 [exclusive]

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Amazing track!