Friday, February 15, 2013


Our in-house superstars MS MR first brought Ghost Loft to our attention on their first Track Addict compilation last summer, back when the Loft's debut offering "Seconds" was just an ominous whisper of truth. Now, as they ready their live show and debut EP for unveiling in the coming months, Ghost Loft is back with an amped up single version of "Seconds," retaining the entrancing startrails of the original but enhancing the atmospheric charm with larger-than-life bass surges and a fresh coat of dark polish. Then there's their enchanting debut video - brought to you by the lensmasters behind the short Neighbourhood films - which feels like a hedonistic Lost In Translation spliced with enough mood lighting and endearing interplay to seduce even the coldest among you. Consider us fully on board the Ghost Loft train.

DOWNLOAD: "Seconds" - Ghost Loft

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