Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ella Yelich-O'Connor (street name Lorde) is only sixteen years old, but she's already been turning heads for a minute now in her native New Zealand, where her track "Royals" has been picking up serious steam on local airwaves. With all the buoyant leftfield charm of Kimbra and the laidback swagger and sway of Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss, Lorde shines bright like a diamond in the rough on debut EP, The Love Club. With regal harmonies and her own songwriting idiosyncrasies, Lorde takes us back to the first time we heard the teenage demos of Marina & The Diamonds and Charli XCX with their youthful vitality and endearing quirks. And for us, that's praise of just about the highest possible order.

DOWNLOAD: "Royals" - Lorde

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