Monday, April 1, 2013


There's no denying that MS MR has been smashing it as of late on a very global scale (see: festival audiences in the thousands Down Under, a sold out run through the UK and Europe, and a massive sync on the latest Game of Thrones trailer). And with their newest single "Fantasy" quickly amassing an impressive remix package featuring the likes of Kele Okereke and Xaphoon Jones, MS MR's human drum machine himself, Zach Nicita, throws his hat in the ring with a thunderstealing mix of his own on a fantastic remix debut. Over a sidewinding bass line that just doesn't quit and a flickering percussive rhythm, it replaces the glittery innocence of the original with a shadowy ominousness that reimagines "Fantasy" in an entirely new light.

MP3: "Fantasy" (NICITA Remix) - MS MR [exclusive]

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alex said...

Best song synching with my mind is Dig up her bones because it synched with story line of Game of thrones atleast first few line. I think all of their songs are ok, not great. I think sad songs fit her voice and good drum beat like dig up her bones will make them best pop band. Need more like dig up her bones lyrics , music , singing all good.