Monday, July 15, 2013


Well friends, the wait is over. We're BEYOND thrilled to announce the arrival of St. Lucia's debut album, our first ever full-length release, this autumn. It's called When The Night, it's out October 8th through Neon Gold with some help from our friends at Columbia, and it's everything we ever hoped it would be and more. And best of all, it's preceded today by "Elevate", the first single lifted from the album and the summer anthem you've been waiting your whole life for. It's a sun-kissed slice of hot tropics pop that crashes over you like a supersonic wave machine of pure euphoria, and it's pretty much been our favorite song since the day we first saw St. L live. Look no further guys, your song of the summer has arrived.

STREAM: "Elevate" - St. Lucia

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love this single, just can't wait for the album!