Saturday, July 25, 2009


Neon Gold's favourite son Starsmith (née Fin Dow-Smith) has been tearing it up all year, from his flawless work with the magnificent Ellie Goulding to his consistently brilliant remixes for the likes of Marina & The Diamonds and Little Boots, and he's straight up the best new pop producer in the game as far as we're concerned. Thus, we're thrilled to be premiering his debut minimix right here on Neon Gold, a five minute mash up of the biggest jams of the past, present and future. Check the tracklist below, get your download on and turn up your speakers - this exclusive beauty is here to rock your summer.

Calvin Harris | I'm Not Alone
Destiny's Child | Say My Name
Little Boots | New In Town
Will Smith | Wild Wild West
Michael Jackson | Rock With You
Marina & The Diamonds | I Am Not A Robot
Ellie Goulding | Starry Eyed

MP3: Summer MiniMix - Starsmith [exclusive]

But perhaps even more exciting is Starsmith's latest collaboration with Ms. Goulding, born from our persistent suggestions that they should cover our first ever release on Neon Gold, Passion Pit's instant blog classic "Sleepyhead". Fin's back at it again on production/remix duties and makes his vocal debut on backing vox, while Ellie takes it away on lead vocals and offers a beautiful take on Michael Angelakos' masterful original. Her voice suits the track perfectly - especially her take on the spellbinding vocal sample that underlies the original - and Starsmith's remix work is brilliant as always, so it should come as no surprise that the results are every bit as wonderful as you'd expect. Our gift to you. Enjoy.

MP3: "Sleepyhead" (Starsmith Remix ft. Ellie Goulding) - Passion Pit


Kristoffer said...

Minimix indeed, you've only put up a 1.1mb file, with a duration of 36 seconds. I want the whole thing, pretty please? :(

And that Sleepyhead cover... :O Goldsmith needs to get something out there, on vinyl preferably!

Jonofan said...

I love this blog - great megamix and sleepyhead cover!

Is there any possibility of the GWFAS archive being available online again any time in the future?

Anonymous said...

the sleepyhead remix is aces!

jim west said...

typically a dj doesN'T sound like the radio.

St Flames said...

i actually agree with the guy above me... i would put it differently sure, but i definitely dig S.S. tunes over this mix-thingy


Hi Derek/Lizzie

We are writing a special post all about Starsmith, but there's a couple of remixes we are short of. Any chance you can email them over to -

Calvin Harris | I'm Not Alone
Destiny's Child | Say My Name
Will Smith | Wild Wild West
Heads We Dance | Sirens
Michael Jackson | Rock With You
Frankie Goes To Hollywood | Relax

Also, the full mix cuts off after 5mins!

However, it's the individual mp3s of the above remixes we need. If you have these we'd love you forever if you could email them over...

...probably still love you forever if not though...

Thanks very muchly