Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Everything Everything have been dazzling and dumbfounding us for a few months now, so apologies for the delay in unsheathing their brilliance before you. Twisting and turning like a lyrical labyrinth of technicolor tangents, "Photoshop Handsome" is a lesson in songwriting from another universe, all stream-of-consciousness shouts and existentialist laments. The video (directed by the band themselves!) is also quite literally one of the most brilliantly ludicrous things we've ever seen. Mine eyes have seen the glory.

MP3: "Photoshop Handsome" - Everything Everything

Also don't forget to come out tonight to our MASSIVE Neon Gold party at Notting Hill Arts Club. At a mere £4 and with Clock Opera and Marina & The Diamonds live it's perhaps the year's - nay, the decade's - most unmissable event, so don't be left out in the cold.


Natalie said...

So mesmerizing! They are my new favorite band. Thanks for sharing :)

Joey said...

On the pulse as ever, Mr. Gold.