Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As promised, we've got the first installment of the wonderful remixes of our upcoming single with Penguin Prison here for you today, this one from the amazing and beautiful Sound of Arrows. Not unlike the Baby Monster remix we posted earlier this week, the Sound of Arrows take "Animal Animal" and do a brilliant job of reinterpreting the original and casting it in a dramatic new light. Dressing it up in all manner of Boards of Canada-esque atmospherics and a swirling 80's melodrama, the remix is a significant departure from the bubbly effervescence of the Penguin Prison original, but succeeds in accessing a whole new realm of emotion on the track.

MP3: "Animal Animal" (The Sound of Arrows Remix) - Penguin Prison [exclusive]


Chase said...

just wondrous, Sound of Arrows are so amazing in everything they do

Anonymous said...

oh i love that sound of arrows remix!
manny good things have come from Sweden latley should i start to be proud of my homecountry?

Anonymous said...

fffffing brilliant.. reminiscent of 'Take My Breath' away.. more magic from TSOA.. Loving the Penguin original too.

Anonymous said...

.. but no you shouldnt be proud of Sweden.. they had eugenics programme until 1972