Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Finland's Villa Nah first entered our lives last summer when "Ways To Be" wound up stuck on repeat on the office stereo for a solid month via their debut VN EP, yet somehow it never found it's way onto the blog. Fortunately after locking themselves in the studio for the past 10 months, the group are back with their debut album, Origin, and "Ways To Be" is back in our lives for good. Out now via Moshi Moshi on an AA-side 7" with the equally brilliant "Running On" on the flipside, the track is one of the best of the year, all synthesized 80's melancholy and timeless pop songwriting. Connoisseurs of haunting electronic pop, Villa Nah join the likes of Royksopp, The Knife and Kleerup as they evolve into viable heirs to the Scandinavian disco throne, and "Ways To Be" - already crowned Song of the Year at Finland's Dance Awards last month - is a massive first step in the right direction.

MP3: "Ways To Be" - Villa Nah


Coby said...

haha "disco thrown"... I still love you, though!

Anonymous said...

i would have said this sounds like the cure. Loves it though, thanks.