Monday, May 24, 2010


Our love for Mr. Little Jeans knows no bounds, so it's with great pleasure that we announce her debut single, the three-track Angel EP, out on Neon Gold next month. We already introduced you to the brilliance that is the EP's title track last month, but today we've got AA-side "Faking Gold" for your ears, another rollicking Yeah Yeah Yeahs-esque masterstroke from the pint-sized pop sensation. With it's soaring chorus, infinite hooks and droning electronic bassline, it's cut from the same cloth as it's A-side sister "Angel", and the two converge to form one of the fiercest one-two punches you'll hear on a record this year.

MP3: "Faking Gold" - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]

As if the A-sides weren't enough, rounding out the package is a cover of Beyonce's ladies night anthem "Single Ladies", a more subdued affair that offers a glimpse of the softer side of the Ms. they call Mr. On the remix side of things, we've got winning interpretations from the RAC, Luxury Living and Passion Pit spin-off Bo Flex, which we'll be scattering like sonic ashes across the blog sea in the weeks to come. With another brilliant round of artwork from our girl FRAUGRAU (who's work on this release might be her best yet), the EP is limited to 300 copies and drops June 7th, available exclusively from the Neon Gold Shop stateside and our friends at Puregroove in the UK. Preorder is available now, so get involved.


Si said...

Smashing x

Anonymous said...

Not my cup of tea, but nice to see you finally releasing something different as all your other releases have kind of blended into one song. Sadly, the blatantly predictable remixers will change that. Please start stepping out of your comfort zone?

Oh, FRAUGRAU should be expecting to hear from Hot Club de Paris' lawyer. What a blatant copy of their art.

Kat x

Anonymous said...

kat? what don't you shut up than hating around?

this release is wonderful, this music makes me wanting more and the coverart is just stunning! never seen anything from hot club de paris like that. also not after i searched for it on google and amazon…

thanks neon gold for giving us this awesomeness!

Neon Gold said...

hi Kat. thanks for your support. we cordially invite you to fuck off.


Neon Gold Records

Anonymous said...

yeah kat has been annoying since day fucking one, dissing every record. why continue to go to a blog of a record label that releases music you don't like??

Anonymous said...


If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it.

Feel free to upload any of your creative input online, so we too can cynically pick it apart hiding behind the safety of a computer screen.

Oh but that's right, you're too busy writing lame-ass comments to bring anything positive into the world.

Or simply just un-creative.

Jealous much?

Keep 'em coming Neon Gold!

Will xx

auditor said...

loved it!

Anonymous said...

In for two on the EP! Do want MOAR!!!

Brunin said...

I want the lyrics of wonderfull Faking Gold music, please! I'll be so thankfull!

Unknown said...

When's the album coming out!?!?!