Saturday, April 2, 2011


Star Slinger, that British dude with the golden touch and a whole lotta soul behind some of the best tracks and remixes from the past year has struck again. This time around, our number one lady Alex Winston is his target and he's shooting to thrill with this oven fresh remix of "Sister Wife". With a militant snare beat and fuck-off swagger, Star Slinger reworks everyone's favorite anthem for dysfunctional polygamy into a jam that's way more Mormons In The Hood than Big Love. Playing off Winnie's sugar sweet yet strong vocals, the astral crusader seamlessly pairs a warped drumline percussion with ice cream truck jingles and synthy fireworks, boldly underscoring Winston's straight shooting message. If you didn't already then you certainly know now: this sister wife is not fucking around. Alex wraps up her current tour this Tuesday at Mercury Lounge, come join us down front and discover firsthand why Alex is one of the best new performers in the game.

MP3: "Sister Wife" (Star Slinger Remix) - Alex Winston

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Emmy said...

C'est magique!