Monday, April 4, 2011


Captain Cuts exploded onto the scene earlier this year with their 1000% gamechanging remix of Grouplove's "Colours", and now we're thrilled to have them back with their sophomore effort on our latest Neon Gold release with Icona Pop (available here at the Neon Gold Shop). We've already made our feelings known about "Manners" (basically that it's pop music perfected), but now here's the Captain Cuts remix coming over the hill, ready to pound your town to hell with a fire in its eyes and an insatiable appetite for destruction. It starts off innocently enough, pristine synth tones drawing the listener in before the Captains rain down a metric ton of synths and percussion on an out-of-nowhere haymaker of a chorus that hits harder than Mike Tyson on PCP. Even caps lock can't do the unrelenting MASSIVENESS of the track justice, just turn the speakers up to 11 and hope you make it through. Hide your children. Hide your spouse. Shit just got REAL.

MP3: "Manners" (Captain Cuts Remix) - Icona Pop [exclusive]

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