Monday, March 26, 2012


If Haim are the best new LA band already on everyone's radar, then Wildcat! Wildcat! are next in line to bowl people over. It was their Royal Tenenbaums-inspired calling card and flawless aesthetic that first caught our eye, but it wasn't long before the trio's technicolor serendipity pop had us hook, line and sinker. With vocals that flit between the chronic lightness of Passion Pit and Active Child and keys mined from the darkest depths of Miike Snow's imagination, Wildcat create a bristling soundscape like no other. Multi-tiered synths build up and crumble like sovereign empires, with smoke breaks in between to recharge the self-destructive cycle, flawless production leaving the whole affair shining resplendently throughout. Get familiar with Wildcat! Wildcat! and their debut offering "Mr. Quiche" below, as this lot are sure to be turning serious heads in the months to come.

DOWNLOAD: "Mr. Quiche" - Wildcat! Wildcat!

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