Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There's something about Wildcat! Wildcat! that just makes us feel superhuman. Maybe it's the dark magician charm, maybe it's the meticulously brilliant execution. Either way, we're smitten like kittens and very excited to be bringing their debut 7" into the world next year, starring the familiar wiles of "Mr. Quiche" as well as the unfettered behemoth that is brand new track "The Chief".

As the shimmering, morning glorious beat pumps you full of caffeine, supercharged keys electrify the air and the rose-tinted falsetto picks you up and carries you to high heaven. The anxious middle eight thaws out any leftover cold weather and blows the blues away, paving the yellow brick way for the sexiest sax solo since St. Lucia's "All Eyes On You". If you need more than a shadow of optimism in your life right now, look no further than this. Our Wildcat! Wildcat! double A-side - and your essential summer 7" package - drops July 30th, so get your preorder on HERE.

DOWNLOAD: "The Chief" - Wildcat! Wildcat!

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