Wednesday, August 29, 2012


YesYou are the latest Australian act to wash over us and leave us breathless with bated exhales. The synthsational duo of Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry first breezed across our radar last June with debut single "Half of It" - still a jam one year on - but now they've returned with a new single featuring Marcus Azon of Jinja Safari, a band we've already featured in these pages and whose latest single "Toothless Grin" has been in steady rotation at Neon Gold HQ all summer long. "Frivolous Life" is a triumph for everyone involved, as Azon's sky-flying vocals take off into the night on the golden-tipped wings of YesYou's smoother-than-silk production. Together, they effortlessly surf the falsetto void, dancing a fine line between the shimmer and shake of Foster The People and the iridescent ooh-ooh's of Yeasayer. Carefree? Yes. Frivolous? Hardly.

MP3: "Frivolous Life (ft. Marcus Azon)" - YesYou [exclusive]

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Justin said...

Collaboration between two of my favourite bands <3